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Note: The Vancouver Agreement (VA) expired in March 2010. This website chronicled the life of the VA and still provides information about the Agreement and the projects it funded. For a retrospective overview see Vancouver Agreement 2000-2010 Highlights.

News Releases


MARCH 11 2010 Legacies Now Launches Guide for Accessible and Inclusive Cities. News Release, Report.

OCTOBER 12 New Community Organization to Stimulate Economic Revitalization. News Release.

OCTOBER 12 Pilot Housing Project Launched In Downtown Eastside Hotel. News Release.

MAY 6 Vancouver Agreement Wins United Nations Award. News Release.

APRIL 4 Vancouver Agreement renewed for second 5-year term. News Release, Backgrounder.

FEBRUARY 10 Snowboarding program promotes success and increased self-esteem for inner-city youth News Release.

JANUARY 19 Downtown Eastside receives $2 million to boost community’s economy. News Release.


SEPTEMBER 1 Vancouver Agreement wins highest award for innovative public service management. News Release.

FEBRUARY 26 Converted ambulance provides mobile services for Vancouver sex-trade workers. News Release.


APRIL 22 Governments invest $20 Million in the Downtown Eastside. News Release, Strategic Plan.

JANUARY 21 Vancouver Agreement Launches new Economic, Social and Health Programs to Revitalize Downtown Eastside. News Release, Economic Backgrounder, Support for Aboriginal Healing Programs, LifeSkills Centre Backgrounder, Neighbours First Backgrounder.


AUGUST 1 Vancouver Agreement partners officially open Chinatown Millennium Gate.  News Release, Backgrounder.

JUNE 28 Vancouver Agreement partners unveil economic development initiatives.  News Release, Backgrounder.

MARCH 28 Western Economic Diversification Canada provides funding for Chinatown lighting project.  News Release, Backgrounder.


AUGUST 7 Federal government funds mosaic markers as part of a new DTES Walking Tour.  News Release

MARCH 9 Western Economic Partnership Agreement (WEPA) grants to support local talent and skills.  News Release, Backgrounder.

MARCH 3 Conference lays groundwork for economic and community development in the Downtown Eastside.  News Release.

FEBRUARY 27 Federal government announces funding for Vancouver health initiatives.  News Release, Backgrounder.

FEBRUARY 17 Vancouver Agreement partners announce funding for millennium gate in Chinatown.  News Release, Backgrounder, ArchivePhotos.


SEPTEMBER 29 First Focus: The Vancouver Agreement

Partners in the Vancouver Agreement announce the first phase of a comprehensive program to address the urgent and complex social, economic, health and safety issues of the Downtown Eastside.

News Release – First Focus: Vancouver Agreement, Enforcement, Street Improvements and Public Safety, Housing Options, Strengthening the Community’s Economy, News release.


October 2002 – Changes Underway

September 2002 – Update Document