Vancouver Agreement Safety and Security

Safety & Security

Community safety and security is a necessary foundation to achieve social and economic change in inner-city communities. Three task teams – Justice Review, Integrated Enforcement and Treatment & Harm Reduction – developed actions to achieve this initiative.

The Vancouver Agreement (VA) has invested $1.8 million towards safety for residents, visitors and businesses. Key investments were:

The Hotel Analysis Project was created to stop disinvestment in the single-room occupancy (SRO) hotel stock in the Downtown Eastside (DTES). In addition, the goal was to support better housing, either through improvements to existing sites, or through the City of Vancouver’s policy of one-to-one replacement of closed SRO units. Civic and provincial government departments conducted an in-depth review of conditions in 54 SROs in the DTES. The group then implemented most of the recommendations.

The Enhanced Enforcement Initiative targeted the infrastructure of illegitimate businesses that perpetuate the cycle of drugs and crime in the DTES as well as ensuring public order and safety around the Supervised Injection Site (SIS). It also included joint health and safety training for the Vancouver Police Department and Vancouver Coastal Health staff whose work includes activities at the SIS.

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