Vancouver Agreement Stories


The following stories illustrate the personal impact of Vancouver Agreement (VA) funding on the lives of individuals. They also provide insight into the progressive work done by VA-funded organizations in Vancouver’s inner city.


Charles’ and Aaron’s Stories:

The SRO Management Training Program
A DTES hotel owner, a resident desk clerk, a property use inspector and a teacher share insights on how a unique training program contributes to a positive shift in the DTES.


Hinda’s Story:

EMBERS kindles hope for newcomer
When Hinda Abdillahi made food for her friends, they raved about it and encouraged her to start her own culinary business. But Abdillahi, a chef who emigrated from East Africa, didn’t know where to start. She had no connections, no capital and no clue about legal requirements.


Bill’s Story:

Genesis Creations
A skilled journeyman carpenter, Bill’s life and future were torn apart and near destroyed by an addiction to cocaine. Then one day, in the dank alleys of the DTES, he hit his edge.


Richard’s Story:

Against the current
He calls himself a ‘small-game trapper’. After years of jumping from job to job this once-homeless man started a pest control business in the DTES and has the itch to make it a success.


Frank’s Story:

The Gods smiled down on me
This moving, insightful first-person story chronicles how Frank found the help he needed to turn his life around.


Terrance Sim’s Story:

With a little support, transitions are possible
Life was a bumpy road for Terrance Sim until he reached a turning point and opted for change and a new start. Now he works to smooth out bumps for other people.


Christine Devries’ Story:

Off the streets and on the mountain
After bouncing from home to home in foster care for 10 years, Christine Devries was one step away from living on the streets of Vancouver – until Chill stepped in.


A Business Improvement Story:

Pedicabs designed to counter Chinatown critics
Red pedicabs are ferrying passengers to Gastown and Chinatown in an attempt to leave tourists dazzled by history and unconcerned about their safety in a neighbourhood criticized by travel guides.